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In the present time, if you want to take your business online, if you have a shop that you want to bring on the internet too, so that you can increase your sales and spread your identity more to the people, or you can make your website something If you want to earn money, then you need a hosting where you can create a website.

  By the way, there are many ways to create a website, if you want, you can also make your website absolutely free using Blogger, but there you will not get so many convenient functions by which you can create an e-commerce website or a highly professional working site. Could.

 If you want to create a professional website on wordpress, then you will need a hosting inside which you can install your wordpress and bring your website on the internet.

Web hosting क्या है ( What is web hosting ? )

What is web hosting ?

Friends, if you speak in a direct language, hosting is a way with which you can create your website, meaning that you have a computer, that computer has a storage, inside that storage, you keep all your files. In the same way, there is also web hosting, in the posting, companies buy very big Sarwar and by cutting many pieces of them or a particular Sarvar to the people. Ni want to make website sells them where they are Web Hosting Provide customer after removing the cost and savings of all their maintenance.

Now as the name suggests, web hosting means that where you can keep the files of your website and you can show those files to the world through a website on the Internet, you can only understand that WordPress where your site is made It is an entire file which is made in a coding, its file is placed in the server from where you purchased the web hosting.

       Now whenever someone enters the domain name of your website and goes to your site, it reaches your server directly. Now how to reach the server, then in fact your domino servers are connected which make the user reach your server.

How to buy cheapest web hosting 

     By the way, many hosting providers are available to you on the internet but not all hosting providers are so good and they are not able to provide you such a good convenient hosting. If you purchase web hosting without looking anywhere, then there is a lot of traffic. On arrival, your side is closed or either the web hosting site is closed in no time and all your money is drowned, that is why you will get such a day. Where should the place you got good technical support as well as you are very low price posting.

 Today I am going to tell you about the main hosting providers in India who provide you good web hosting at a very low price and from which you can easily buy web hosting as well as you get good technical support.

Web hosting क्या है ( What is web hosting ? )

Best cheapest hosting provider in India 

1 - Resellerclub India

 Resellerclub is a famous name, in the case of hosting companies, from here you can also buy good sneakers at a very low price, here you will get all kinds of hostings such as WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server, shared hosting, VPS hosting, etc. All the hosting can be easily purchased from here, the price of all will also be very low here, as well as new offers are going on here, you can also see them here.

 If you talk about technical support, then you get a very good technical support which is available for 24 hours, if you get any problem, then you can easily contact them and you will get your response very much It is found soon.

2 - hostinger 

Hostinger is also a very good company in terms of hosting, if you want a good hosting for very little cost, then you can definitely use hostinger, here you will get all kinds of hosting which I just told you about. If you want, you can buy by hosting from here also you will get all the features here as well as they have their own separate H panel, from which you can use.

 If you talk about support, then here also you get a very good technical support, which gives you a quick response in case of any problem, you can buy web hosting from here also without any problem.

3 - Hostkarle

If you want to buy hosting from an Indian company, then you can definitely use Hostkarle, here you get very good hosting, all types of hosting are available to you and this is an Indian company that gives you a very low price. Provides posting.

  If I talk about technical support, then you get a very good technical support here and a special thing is that there is an Indian company, so you will get support in your language.

So guys you can buy hosting from any of the three and if you want to buy hosting from any other company then you can go there and buy it, just keep in mind that the hosting you are getting is SSD as well as good. There is a lot of bandwidth.

At the end I hope you liked this post and must have learned something new from it, thank you very much for reading this post.


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