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Since the beginning of time humanity has been impressed by having the biggest and best things out there and throughout our [journey] here We've discussed and learned about many great cultures and countries that have impressive aspects and although We still have a lot to learn and a long way to go 

there is one country that we have yet to look at Russia she is a big country as a matter of fact the biggest country in the entire world [a] Nation [that] is filled with not only people of pride But a culture that has a rich history and future Hey guys, what's going on? Dave Walpole here and welcome to facts that 

where we educate people on everything and everything and today We're [gonna] look at a country that like I said [is] proud But is also really misunderstood and for those who are just joining us for the first time this is a channel real Arctic a lot of Recommendations from our followers to give you an example of russian spy wanted us to do this there was also some [ud] banerjee son Ramba Mullah and of course many more of you and for me I've actually really wanted to do this video because well, let's be honest. 

I love Russian girls They are just who I'm speaking of attraction. Let's ask You guys the question of the day, and [that] is what are your top three favorite accents? Ooh, good one? I know let me know your top three favorites and why down there in the comments section below? Now what I told you that I love Russian girls Let's talk about the girls because there's one interesting thing about Russia And that is women outnumber Men as a matter of fact they say that there are about [nine] million more woman two men in the entire country Studies [have] shown that to a hundred woman there is approximately 

Eighty six point eight men and the reason for this is partly due [to] the second world war But it's not just war that makes men's population. Low. It's also alcohol Alcohol is predominantly a major problem with deaths with young men in the country and although 52% of Russian women view alcohol as a major problem [a] 2005 studies [show] [that] [37%] [of] Males would Die before the age of 55 due to alcohol-related deaths now Let's get off the bad topics and move on to some of the more positive things about Russia one thing for sure is that russia has a great population of 146 million people with over three-quarters of its population living in cities such as Moscow and the beautiful, st. Petersburg, and 

so on and some people might think that with Russia's size it is the country with the smallest population density But actually if you spread everyone out they do manage to have 21 people per square mile compared to Greenland Which is like nothing zero now when we talk about density let's be real Russia is Huge as I stated earlier it is the largest country in the entire world with a landmass of over 17 million [75] thousand two hundred Square kilometers, which makes up almost the landmass of Canada and the United States combined but with all this land it has a lot of forests and because of that russia is sometimes called the lungs of Europe and Therefore the Russian forests are second to the Amazon rainforest [when] it comes to their trees consuming carbon dioxide 

Also interesting thing about the land is it has a lot of [und] seo world heritage sites your country has over 26 of them one of the most amazing sites is the volcanoes of Kamchatka. Which is a collection of 160 Volcanoes with 29 of them being extremely active and as for the ones that are alive They [are] considered the largest active volcanoes in the Northern hemisphere And it is really quite an [amazing] spectacle the scientists of Russia have done some amazing accomplishments But one thing that russian scientists have done that they can claim a hundred percent theirs is they have the oldest plant ever to be Regenerated from the seeds from over 32,000 years ago, this is [the] Saline stent othello [and] although it was frozen in permafrost for such a long time Scientists managed to bring this planet back to life from its fruit tissues now you're on 

 We also like to talk about some of the imports and exports of these countries and russia for example has over 400 and forty nine billion dollars in Exports and imports [two] hundred and ninety five billion dollars in goods who's the biggest export being crude petroleum? Making Thirty five percent and refined petroleum making twenty percent and because of those numbers They [are] the second biggest [exporter] of oil in the entire world But their biggest imports are cars making up 5.3 percent. [you're] in Russia. You will also notice that it has beautiful Landmarks, we're not talking just about its architecture and buildings 

We're also talking about its statues But one of the most famous is the statue of the worker and [the] Kol [Kai] woman done by Vera Machina It is a stainless steel statue that is 80 feet high and although it is now located in Moscow It was first introduced at the world's fair in 1937 and the Statue Alone Was A Significant visual of the war against nazism during the second world war as the statue was placed opposite of the German Nazi flag to show their rivalry now to talk about Accomplishments with in this country we cannot forget about the russian space program But what makes the space program? Groundbreaking is it was the first program to send a man [into] space and to even orbit the [Earth] that? cosmonaut was Yuri, Gagarin And he launched from Earth in his vostok space capsule on

 April 12 1961 and because of that crowning achievement the Russian space program has become one of the most influential space programs in the world Collaborating with scientists all over the globe now with a big country and territory comes a big army Russia's Army comes in Fifth over the world with over 1 million people in active service and 2 million people in reserve service as of 2017 and that army costs around 69 billion dollars a year And when it comes to military we unfortunately have [to] talk about its nuclear arsenal maybe not one of the most proud things for our country to have but here on fTD facts we talk about the good and the Bad but in 1988 it was reported that russia at One point had over 45,000 warheads with over 715 detonations, but however since then there's been major steps in 

decommissioning These deadly warheads and Nuclear vessels, but currently right now It is estimated that russia has over seven thousand Nuclear warheads But moving back over to achievements of Russia the country has many of them It's a country of [great] intelligence due to its over 600 universities and because of its great education russia has earned 27 Nobel laureates spreading across literature chemistry physics and above all peace Yep, when you Myuca [buck] kaboom so thanks guys for watching my name is Dave waffle this has been us talking about a great country known as russia if you guys have A suggestion for future [fTD] facts video leave it down there in the comments section below also here on MTV facts We want to actually start incorporating you guys into our videos So for all you viewers who are from Russia or any country that we've talked about in the past or even if you are from A country that we have not yet talked about we want you guys to send footage to [MTV] facts at gmail.com And we're gonna try to throw you in our videos But while all guys has been great talking about this country a proud nation that has gone through 

many changes And struggles a country that has shown the world that will stand up for its beliefs and values from its development Not just in defense, but it's gold humanitarian assistance programs It is a nation of people striving for better ways of life and opportunity it is the great country called Russia That is a motherland [too] many you


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