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When you think of the word Hispanic what comes to mind perhaps you might think beauty elegance or perhaps maybe sexiness romance and dance today year on movie shear We are diving into a country with a unique origin and story The country of Spain a place with much history that has led to the discovery of the new world And much more a country where Latin got its origins 

welcome to the beautiful and elegant country of Spain
Hey, everybody what's going on movie shear here and welcome to facts now for this post Yes, we're talking about Spain, and I gotta say. I'm really excited for it 

because Well first of all this is one that people have recommended way back in the past for us to do And we just never got around to it, but consider when we're doing European countries We figured now is the proper time to do this and of course for me I'm just really excited to talk about this not because everybody recommended it, but I just really love Spain I think it's a really 

beautiful country And it's got beautiful people in it now before you get in this video letting you guys know about grammar Lucam these guys are our sponsor and of course before getting in this I want to know what is your favorite favorite thing about Spain so far if you guys don't know much about Spain well guess what?

Let's get into it and let's start learning about this great country so first thing We got to mention that its proper name is actually the kingdom of Spain now the thing about Spain is it is pretty big when? 

it comes to its population and its size when you compare it to the rest of the European countries for example Spain has a population estimate of over 46 million four hundred sixty-eight thousand one hundred people and it ranks at the thirtieth largest country in the entire world Now if you were to combine all these people and stretch it over the land

They have a density of 92 people per square kilometer But how big is Spain like I said it is one of the biggest countries in all of Europe well for its land size it Sits at roughly 51st in the world equaling 505 thousand nine hundred ninety kilometers square And if you were to compare this to the rest of the European continent it sits at fourth largest however 

It is second largest in Western Europe, but it is the largest in southern but this is the thing when it comes to its land Spain is what you like to call a Transcontinental country meaning it has lands in other parts of the world instead of just its mainland however with that in mind It's interesting to know that while we are talking about Spain during this time the country is recently dealing with a referendum Known as the Catalonian independence 

Now although the region of Catalonia is really pagan for its own independence in the modern world this kind of happened back in 2006 but throughout history it's always kind of fought for its independence and one of the reasons for this is because it was actually an independent region until about 1150 ad and when it comes to Catalonia it's pretty much already its own self governed region with 

its own president police force government and broadcaster and one of the problems right now is Spain wants to control its police force because currently it controls the military force and foreign affairs for Catalonia now speaking of these regions There is approximately 18 divisions within the country however. They do have provinces and including islands it has approximately 52 of them although somewhere I read strangely that Spain has 50 provinces So I wasn't quite sure how that translated maybe one place 

I read had an incorrect or maybe there was an update or something like that in the last couple of years I don't know but from what I've mostly read it has 52 provinces but jumping back to the Catalonia issue Catalonia the region has four of these provinces And they are Lolita Girona Tarragona and Barcelona, but out of these provinces let's take a look at which ones are the biggest when it comes to population that one has to go to Madrid because as of 2013 they have over a population 

size of six point four nine five million people and as for land size well That's got to go to bed a house with a land equaling twenty one thousand seven hundred and sixty six Kilometres square now when we're talking about the land of Spain we cannot forget about talking about the coast Because the coastlines in all of Spain are so famous They are just amazingly beautiful and throughout its coastline of over one thousand six hundred and sixty kilometers 

They have small coastline towns. Which are world renowned such as places like Barcelona, San Sebastian, Ibiza Valencia Marbella and many more and as a matter of fact these towns are so popular that a lot of musicians have put the names Of these towns in their songs for example David Bowie talked about Ibiza in life on Mars I think that's the name of the song But let's talk about money of Spain well first of all they actually use the euro they adopted this form of currency on 

January 1st of 2002 But however breaking down its economy when it comes to its nominal gross domestic product It ranks at 12th in the world with a total of 1.2 3 2 trillion dollars with a per capita of 20 6643 ranking it's GDP per capita at 30th in the world now with that in mind one downside to Spain and like I say here on if TV facts we talk about the good and the bad because it's all one big broad story Is that Spain has the largest wealth gap in all the European countries? However when it does come to money the country is a very balanced amount of imports versus exports and although they focused more on importing with 299 billion dollars in imports ranking 15th in the world the exports actually ranked 17th in the world equaling 275 billion dollars So how is this broken down?

How do they make so much money in imports and exports? For exports about 13% of this is cars with 21 percent of them going to Germany 18 percent of cars going to France and 13 percent going to the UK as well as other Countries and of course with cars being exported you can't forget about vehicle parts that comes in second with 3.6 Percent but as for imports oddly enough cars come in as 6.1. Percent and oddly enough I found it strange that 32 percent of those cars are coming from Germany So it's kind of weird that they're just trading cars back and forth to me It seems probably more logical that you would just sell the cars in your own country 

But I don't know however coming in second 6.3 Percent of its imports is crude petroleum with 14 12 and 11 percent coming from Nigeria Mexico and Saudi Arabia However jumping back to exports one thing that this country is famous for is olive oil as matter of fact It's been recorded that the country has provided the world with over half of the olive oil demands it produces a minimum of 1.5 million tonnes of the stuff a year and in 2016 the amount of olive oil came in to equal three point four nine billion dollars in revenue as well Let's not forget that in Spain. 

They are very popular for their wines Mm-hmm because in the same year they exported about two point four nine billion dollars in bottles of the alcoholic grape So one other thing that's really fascinating about Spain And this is probably one of the best things that I love about it is it has a lot of UNESCO zones as a matter of fact out of most of the countries that we've talked about it Just defeats all the other countries not to say that that's any better I just love the UNESCO zone and world preservation sort of thing, but this country has a lot of them currently in 2017 it has 40 cultural locations for natural and - mixed which makes it have 46 UNESCO zones That's insane and what makes this country more unique is when in 1984 when it got its first inscribed locations 

They actually had five of them, but overall when it comes to them having the most UNESCO locations They are ranked at third highest in the world. That's one thing I guess I love about the Spanish is that they are down for preserving their cultural history And one we should definitely mention is the archeological site of a topeka now? This is a cave system where some of the remains of the oldest human beings to be ever discovered in Europe were found the bones date back to over 1 million years ago with these homonym fossils being found during a 1964 excavation with 

archaeologist Francisco jour de Serta and it's really quite an amazing thing guys to be able to look back in history and see where we came From and I mean like yeah over a million years ago That's pretty nuts Now Spain is also a country that definitely has some interesting original and amazing features about it and one major point when it comes to This is that it has the world's oldest restaurant the restaurant Bohtan which is located in Madrid Spain has been running since 1725 and of course other restaurants may wish to claim this title but it is so famous that even Ernest 'we Wrote about the conch, and hello asado dish Which is basically roasted suckling pig and since then or maybe even? Beforehand it became its most signature dish so 

one thing that we have not talked about yet when it comes to spain Yeah, sure We've talked about past cultural things But we haven't talked about present cultural festivities Because in spain they have a festival called la tomatina, and it is the craziest Festival i've ever seen okay. Maybe not the craziest, but it is definitely unique. I've never seen this anywhere in the world it is basically a giant tomato food fight festival that is Awesome since 1945 this festival happens once a year in the Valencia town known as banal And it happens on the last wednesday of every single August and I love that because August is my birthday month and apparently this all started because During a 

parade way back in the day some man fell from his viewing point and he got angry and started throwing Tomatoes Making the whole town erupt in a vegetable throwing battle I gotta say I've never been there But I really want to check this place out and go to this festival because it just sounds like a lot of fun But either way pretty interesting stuff about Spain What a beautiful and amazing country however that wraps up this episode, but keep in mind guys We might have forgotten much about this country, so if you guys know some facts that we missed Please write it down there in the comment section below because here on MTV facts We love not just giving you guys the facts and teaching you guys about many different cultures from around the world But we love learning from many 

different cultures from around the world so if you guys are from Spain or you guys Visited there, and you guys know some facts Let us know we always love to continue because we do part twos as well and to remind you guys this episode's been brought to You by Graham early calm these guys are an amazing spot So the link for that is down there in the description box below And these guys really help improve your English trust me guys one of the best programs that I've ever actually used because you just type Online it's a free program, and you just type it online and it's fixing your grammar right then and there It's so good It remind you guys, please leave a recommendation for a future FTD facts video because we do love hearing from you guys But my name is Dave, Wawa And it's been a pleasure hanging out with you guys 

now before you guys get out of here at the end of this video we Do have other stuff for you guys to check out so be sure to look at that as well but this is the country of Spain a country that is just rich with history and Pride for its history where the people of this great Nations stand out in their own unique way a place that we have only scratched the surface when we talk about its great accomplishments a country of love Sport and growth This is the people and culture and country of Spain for when we hear of them And the name we are reminded that beauty chivalry and good times is just around the corner So, thanks for watching guys he won't have to be fax we talked about people 

cultures and places from all around the world now those other videos that I Recommended you guys to check out these are them I am sure that you guys will really love learning about new cultures from around the world Also, be sure to check out our new series, which country is better where we compare different countries based off their statistics And we asked you what you find better other than that? subscribe and come back every single day because we have always got something new for you guys to check out and until then have a great day bye

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