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10 fact about mars

Welcome to Top10Archive! We are so close to home on our journey through the solar system, but there’s just one last stop to make before flying to Mother Earth – and that’s Mars. This red beauty sits 4th closest to the sun and brings with it so many interesting facts… but we only have room for ten, so sit back, and be sure to check your oxygen levels as we visit the planet of Mars. 

10. Distance from the Sun Though Mars is only the fourth planet from the sun, it still sits at a rather distant average of 141 million miles or 227 million kilometers from the Sun. In relation to our positioning, Mars is approximately 49 million miles or 78 million kilometers further than we are. Of course, all of this is not constant, considering Mars’ orbital pattern, which is more elliptical in shape, one of the more unique orbits in our solar system. At its furthest point from the sun, or at its aphelion, the red planet is approximately 154 million miles or 249 million kilometers away from th…

101 fact about dogs

greetings from the factors or shall I say woof woof yeah my name is Sam and I am NOT a dog believe it or not that's not even one of our 101 wonderful facts here it's gonna be a big journey though covering 40,000 years of history more breeds of dog that you can shake it stick out get it stick because dogs chased anyway strap yourselves in for fact about whacked up jean-paul's queen elizabeth ii and lots and lots of bitches but why can't dogs eat chocolate what the strange about they're now extinct fujian dog and how much am I going to enjoy having a legit excuse to say bitch two out of three of those questions are going to be 

answered so grab some snacks rotate several times on the spots before making yourself comfortable and howl at the moon like your forefathers before you is we count through 101 facts about dogs but hey wait before we get started if you love dogs and have ever wondered about their point of view on certain subjects or you just want the…

Fact about Japan

Fact about Japan

1. You buy bread based on how thick you want the slices to be. 

2. If you’re worried about your cold groceries on the trip home, most modern Japanese supermarkets have free dry ice machines for you to use, specifically for that reason. 

3. Convenience stores keep balls of paint underneath their counters for workers to throw at thieves, marking their clothes and body to make it easier for the police to catch them. I threw one of these at a thief once when I was working at a conbini and because I was a pitcherI was able to hit him!But I don’t know if the police ever found him.

4. Everyone knows how common convenience stores, aka conbinis, are. It’s said that you’re almost always within walking distance of a conbini. Knowing that, there are actually more dental clinics in Japan than there are conbinis. Twice as many, if you count each dentist. There’s even a whole Japanese Wikipedia page called “The Problem of Too Many Dentists”. 

5. You can order a smile for free …

fact about Earth

Ten wonderful facts about our planet you've never heard before. We think we know everything about our home planet, but we couldn't be more wrong. Scientists have already discovered a lot about the universe, but they believe there is still much more to learn about our planet. 

Did you know that the Moon was once part of Earth? We were so surprised to find out new amazing things that we decided to share them with you right away.

Number ten - Mount Everest is not the tallest mountain in the world. Hawaiian Mauna Kea has an altitude of 13,795 feetabove sea level. However, the biggest part of the volcano rests below sea level. So, if measured from the base to the summit, Mauna Kea is 33,475 feet high,which is 4,445 feet taller than Mount Everest.

Number nine - neighboring states can have a twenty-four hour time difference. Despite the fact that American Samoa is only 1,240 miles away from the Line Islands that form part of Kiribati, the time difference between the two neighbors…